Why Do Dogs Pee On Car Tires

Why Do Dogs Pee On Car Tires? (Mystery Explained)

I was going through some automotive forums to check out what questions people are asking nowadays, and then I saw a very legit cum funny question: why do dogs pee on car tires? Some people consider this thing a mystery, so I mentioned “mystery explained” after the blog post’s title.

The main reason dogs pee on car tires is to mark it as their territory, which they love to do. Their pee is also a way of communication with other dogs, and they sniff the tires before peeing because the tires contain scents from all over.

There are also a few more reasons why dogs do this and that you’ll learn about next in detail.

Why Do Dogs Pee On Car Tires?

Now, as you know about the main reason dogs pee on car tires, it’s also important to know the other reasons.

Dogs get tired of peeing on the flat surface, so they start to pee on vertical surfaces such as car tires, walls, poles, fire hydrants, etc. They prefer the car tires the most because the car tires could have been on grass, in a huge puddle, run over roadkill, or the dogs from other neighborhoods could also have peed on that. These things cause the tires to hold smells from places, which dogs love to sniff and pee on.

The vertical objects hold the scent for longer than the flat objects, which means that their urine will be there as a message of their presence for longer.

Here’s a video on it that you may prefer to watch- 

How To Stop Your Dog From Peeing On Car Tires?

This is so frustrating to see that you are out with your dog to let him pee on the grass, but he chose to pee on a Range Rover’s tire. Even if the owner of the Range Rover doesn’t mind it at all, you should still take care of this thing.

To prevent your dog from peeing on car tires, you’ll need to provide him with proper housetraining. You can consult a pet expert to know how to train your dog to stop this bad behavior.

A very basic way that you can opt to stop your dog from peeing on tires is by keeping a short leash while taking him out for a walk and hold him back every time he attempts to pee on a car tire. Also, if he looks at you while you pull him back, stare at him to let him know that this is not what he is supposed to do. When you do this, your dog’s behavior starts to change, and after a certain period of time, he stops peeing on car tires.

Do All Dogs Pee On Car Tires

No, not all dogs lift their leg and start to pee on tires. The dogs that reach their maturity start peeing on vertical objects.


A dog doesn’t see the car tire the same way you see it. For him, it’s an object that he wants to own by peeing on it. Even though the dog’s urine doesn’t harm the tires, it’s still essential to prevent him from doing it because that doesn’t seem good behavior, and that may also make you feel awkward any day.

So this was all about why dogs pee on car tires, and I hope you’ve found this article helpful.

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