Top 10 Best Tesla Games That You Can Play When Bored

Tesla, one of the leading companies in the automotive industry, provides great features in their automobiles that make people love them. Tesla cars come with a full self-driving feature that is one of the best features a car can offer, enabling people to reach their destination without even touching the steering. If you have a Tesla, you may want to play some Tesla games while the self-driving is working to avoid getting bored.

Considering that people might get bored in the car while the self-driving is working, Tesla has given some interesting video games that one can play on the LCD featured on the dashboard beside the steering wheel.

My friend with a Tesla told me his car has some really interesting games he plays by putting the car on self-driving mode. I thought the games would be boring, but being a video game lover, I tried a few of those games and caught myself glued to the display for around 1 hour. The games were amazing, and I loved them. Further, I’ve mentioned those Tesla games you can play in Tesla cars.

Top 10 Tesla Games You Can Play In Your Tesla

Here they’re as follows-

1. Witcher 3

If you’re a fan of playing a hard-core arcade game, you’ll love playing Witcher, one of the world’s most highly renowned video games. This game is based on a book named The Witcher, and its fan following increased when the TV series The Witcher got released on Netflix.

It’s a game you can play for hours and not get bored. The game can keep you in your Tesla for hours as it’s addictive, but it’s too enticing to keep you from getting bored while driving. So make sure to give this game a try.

2. Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 is a game that gives you the feel of the future by bringing you away to a virtual world from which you don’t want to come back. Like the previous game, this one is also an action game where you’re a protagonist and knock out the bad guys. The Tesla has ensured this game performs like PS5 to give the player the maximum feel while playing it.

The game has also got high-end graphics and animations which won’t make you feel for even once that you aren’t at your home sitting on your couch and playing this game on a giant screen. You wouldn’t want to miss playing this game in your Tesla next time you’re driving in it somewhere.

3. Cat Quest

One of the most fun games I found worthwhile apart from The Witcher and Cyberpunk 2077 is Cat Quest which doesn’t have real lookalike graphics but entertains a lot when you play it. In this game, you’re a cat searching for his sister who has been kidnapped. The Tesla got praises for adding this game as it lowers the stress and disconnects you from the real world till you play it.

The game has earned many amazing ratings, putting it on the list of the best Tesla games. So what are you waiting for? Go and help the cat find his kidnapped sister.

4. Missile Command

The Missile Command is a video game that has been played for ages and has also made it to the Golden Age of Arcade Games list. The classic 1980s game is there in your Tesla, which you can play and experience some real joy of virtual war. In this game, you’re given to save six cities from ballistic missiles. You need to be very focused to win the game.

I love the games that require some mental effort because it not only helps me boost my focus on other aspects of my life but also give me a sense of achievement. You can play this game if you want something challenging to face.

5. The Battle of Polytopia

Like the previous game, the Battle of Polytopia is also a game that requires some mental effort, making you sit in your Tesla for hours and be engaged with it until you win at least once. The game requires the player to create a strategy and apply it to conquer the opponent’s cities and capital.

It might make your experience with the game less interesting if I tell you everything about it, which I won’t, but I’d include 1-2 more things about it. There are 16 tribes for the players to join and develop to defeat the bots and human opponents. That’s all I can tell you to not ruin your experience with this game. Other news about this game is that the Tesla owners sometimes get in the car just to play it, proving how interesting it is.

6. Strawder Valley

Even tho only one level of this game is present in Tesla; it still has made it to the list of the most played games in Tesla. In this game, the player inherits the dilapidated farm of the protagonist’s grandfather. The farm prompts the player to rejuvenate it by growing crops, selling products, etc. This game will give you the feel of being the owner of a remote farm, making it fun to play.

Apart from the Tesla, the game is present on many other devices such as iOS, Android, Microsoft, and even Xbox. Don’t underestimate this game by its old-looking graphics, as that’s done intentionally, and it somehow contributes to making the game even more interesting.

7. Fallout Shelter

The Fallout shelter is another Tesla game that is no less interesting than the other games discussed above. This game is a task you have to complete, and the task is to build and manage your fallout shelter. This game doesn’t require combat with someone or something, but it’s too interesting to skip playing.

I skipped this game the first time cause I thought it was going to be boring. But I was wrong. This game is one of the best Tesla games for some reasons, and to find out why you have to give it a go. This game may also test your cognitive skills, which can also require you to do some mental exercise.

8. Super Breakout

The Super Breakout, a sequel 1976 video game, is also available there in the Tesla, and if you’re a senior citizen who played the old version of this game in childhood, you’ll love to play it again. Players get a paddle for bouncing a ball into the wall in this game. The game can be run in three modes: double, cavity, and progressive.

This game requires focus to cross the levels, which is super fun, and you can play it using your buttons on the steering wheel or the touchscreen. Only the Model S, Model 3, and Model X have this game, so if you own any of these models, you can enjoy playing this game.

9. Beach Buggy Racing 2

If you want to know how it feels to play a racing video game in your car while driving, you got to play this game, and I’m sure if you play it while sitting on the driving seat, you’ll stop playing it and switch your Tesla to manual mode to race with the other cars on the road as you do in the game. This game’s graphics are very high-quality, giving you a realistic feeling of racing.

In addition, you can control the game using your steering wheel, which enhances the experience even more. The game also supports a split screen, so the driver can use it to do other things on display.

10. Cuphead

Cuphead, also known as the Cuphead: Don’t deal with Devil, is a video game developed in 2017 and available to play on Tesla. This game has both single-player and co-op game modes, so if you want, you can also play it with your little companion. This game is kind of kiddish, so you may not find it very interesting to play, but your little one will love it.

Like the Strawdew Valley, this game has only one level available in the Tesla. In addition, the game can only be played when the car is parked or charging for some reason.

So these are the top 10 Tesla games you can play in your Tesla car. Playing your favorite arcade game on a big display while reaching your destination might give you the best feeling of fun, so if you have a Tesla, you have to try these games.


Tesla is one of the leading companies in the automobile industry, and they are well known among people for their self-driving mode and other crazy features. Apart from all the features, including self-driving, one feature that sets it apart from other automobiles is Tesla games.

Tesla games are a bunch of interesting video games that Tesla offer in their car. These games keep the driver from getting bored while the car is in charging mode. The one sitting on the passenger seat can also play these games as the LCD is easily accessible from both seats.

So this was all about Tesla games that you can play in your Tesla while sitting in the driver or passenger seat, and I hope you’ve got this article helpful. Good luck!

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