Speakers Making Noise When Car Is Off? 5 Ways to Fix it.

Do your speakers make noise when the car is off? If they do, then you need to stick to this article to learn how to fix it. The speakers don’t lie under the vehicle’s essential components, but they play a vital role in keeping you from getting bored, especially when you’re going somewhere alone. It is important to have your speakers working well so that you can enjoy your favorite music while driving.

In most cases, your speakers make noise when the car is off because of bad wiring or electrical interference. But there could be many other causes that you’ll know about further in this article.

Before you learn how to fix this problem, it’s important to know about the type of noise your car speakers make when turned off.

What are the types of noises speakers make?

There are three types of noises your car speakers make that are as follows-

  • Buzzing
  • Whining
  • Hissing

Buzzing and hissing are known as static noise, and they both depend upon intensity. While whining is not as common as buzzing and hissing, it also happens, varying in intensity.

Now, let’s know about the reasons behind these noises.

What are the main reasons behind speaker noise?

There are four potential reasons behind speaker noise that are as follows-

1. Speaker wires

Your car speakers are connected to your radio with multiple wires, and all of them are important. If any of these wires are worn or damaged, they can be responsible for the noise that comes from your speakers even when the car is off. Your radio keeps getting a power supply from the car battery even when the car is off, and if the wiring is bad, it will create noise.

2. Electrical interference

The transmitted or distorted electrical signals can also be a reason why your speakers are making noises. The electrical interference is an external source of the noise problem. It usually happens when you plug something like a cellphone, a power cable, or anything similar into your vehicle’s auxiliary port or USB port. It also happens even when the car is off.

The electrical interference also occurs outside of the car because any device capable of emitting electrical signals can affect your radio or the audio equipment, and you can not do anything about it.

3. Grounding

Another potential reason behind your speakers making noise when the power is off is poor grounding. If the grounding wire isn’t fit correctly or if it isn’t thick enough, your car speakers will make loud static noise when it is off. This problem doesn’t occur when the car is running; it only occurs when it is off.

4. Radio keeps receiving power

If your radio system can be turned on even when the power is off, and the key is not in the ignition, it means that your radio has constant access to your car’s battery, and that can cause your speakers to make noise even when it’s off.

So these are the four main reasons why your car speakers are buzzing when it’s off. Now you should know how you can fix this issue.

5 simple ways to fix speaker noise when it’s off

The first thing that you need to do before you know and apply these ways is to check if your radio can turn on when the car is off with no key in the ignition. If it can turn on, it means that the radio is receiving power from your car’s battery all the time.

This problem can be fixed in most cars just by switching the radio off before turning off the engine. Make sure you do it and check if it’s fixed or not.

If the problem is still there, then follow these ways-

Check the speakers

The problem might be with your speakers, so it is crucial to inspect them thoroughly. Check the wires and other connections to ensure that everything is okay there. If any wire seems loose, tighten that using a screwdriver. You’re recommended to use AMM portable multi-purpose screwdriver because it’s best for removing all kinds of screws that you may need to unscrew while fixing this issue.

Fix the grounding issue

A grounding wire should be 18 inches long, and if it is longer than that, it can create noise. So make sure that the grounding wire is not longer than 18 inches and is thick enough. If the wire is loose or thin, remove it with a new one and ensure to connect it well to the amplifier.

Inspect the patch cables

There are multiple patch cables, and you’ve to inspect each of them. The best thing you can do is get a patch cable and test all of them one by one. Since the patch cables can wear out, you can pull one out and insert the new one and then check if the speaker is making noise or not. Make sure the patch cable you’re using to test is of good quality.

If you find that your speakers aren’t making noise when performing the test, it means that the problem is with your patch cables. Now, all you have to do is buy some good-quality high-end patch cables and replace the bad ones. You can buy these cables from Amazon.

Battery and Alternator problem

The car battery and the alternator can generate electrical impulses that the speakers can catch. In this case, you hear the whining noise in-car speakers. Here, you’re advised to have a mechanic inspect it instead of inspecting it yourself because it requires critical knowledge about the battery and the alternator. In most cases, the problem is found in spark plugs, and they require to be replaced with new ones.

Install a noise filter

If you notice that the problem is coming from the engine, install a noise filter. The noise filteris a great temporary solution to this problem and it’s super easy to install. The Smof ground loop noise filter is best to use and it assures to eliminate the buzzing noise completely.

Here’s how you can install the noise filter-

  • First, insert the coaxial plug into the radio’s stereo socket.
  • Then, connect the speaker’s RCA cables to the stereo socket of the noise filter.

Note- If needed, get an adapter cable with one stereo plug and two cable sockets.

This is how to fix buzzing speakers with the help of 5 simple ways. Make sure you test your speakers with your car turned off after applying each way.


So this was all about your question, which was speakers making noise when the car is off, and I hope you have got the solution thru this article. It’s essential to fix this issue because it receives the power from your car’s battery, and if not fixed, it may affect the battery, which will lower its performance.

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