Keep Your Car Seat Cool: 5 Tips You Need To Try

Summer makes a lot of things challenging to do, and one of such things is driving. In the middle of the noon, if someone asks you to go out for some work, you’ll not want to respond to them. The summer causes the car’s interior to become hot, and the part that is the hottest is the seat. As a car owner, I have faced this problem, and in this article, I’ll share five tips with you on how to keep your car seat cool.

If you follow a few of the tips that you’ll learn about further, you’ll never have to deal with a hot car seat because all these tips are practically followed and found working. You’ll also need to spend some money as you’ll need to buy some products that are the tips’ parts.

5 Best Tips To Keep Your Car Seat Cool

The tips are as follows-

1. Get Lighter Color Covers

We all know that dark colors absorb heat the most because they are the best heat radiators. Light colors do the opposite of dark colors, i.e., they don’t absorb the light as much as dark colors, and that’s why people prefer wearing light color clothing in the summer season.

Many car owners have dark color covers installed on their car seats even in the summer because they look great and don’t show dirt. There’s no problem if you’re a hard-core dark color lover, which I’m too, but in the summer, you better chase comfort than look, and that’s why you should replace the dark color seat covers with light color ones.

As I mentioned that light color doesn’t absorb the heat as much as a dark color, your seat will be cool and prevented if you use light color seat covers. Changing the seat cover isn’t a big task, so once the scratching summer is gone, you can get that dark interior look back by replacing the seat covers with the previous ones.

The light color seat cover that I’ve been using for the past couple of years is a Flying Banner Car seat cover. These covers are of a Beige color that absorbs a minimal amount of heat and keeps the seat quite cool. The cover is made of polyester and is not prone to get dirty faster. These light color covers are amazing and very affordable, and I recommend you use them throughout the summer.

2. Block The Sunlight

Sunlight is the reason behind the heat build-up in your car, and you have to stop it by blocking the sunlight from entering the car. The car seats occupy most of the space of your car interior, and they are also close to the windshield. When the car is parked outside, the seats are exposed to the sunlight, resulting in which they become very hot.

The goal here is to prevent the sunlight from entering the car so that the car seats remain cool. The product I prefer to block the sunlight is sunshades because they don’t allow the sunlight and its heat to enter the car through the windshield and windows. They’re easy to install, and they don’t affect your car’s glass part.

Using low-quality sunshades may not give you the desired results, so you’re supposed to use good quality sunshades, which cost a little higher than the low-quality ones. As a car enthusiast, I love trying and testing products and gadgets, and the sunshades that I’ve found the best so far are EcoNour Car Windshield Sun Shade.

The EcoNour Car Windshield Sun Shade has won the number one rank because of its quality and performance. The affordability of this sunshade is another best thing that attracts people to it. This product is what I recommend using, but you can go for one of your own choices if you want.

3. Use Cooling Car Seat Cushion

A cooling car seat cushion is a gadget that many car owners use to have a cool and comfortable ride. Whether your AC is working, you won’t have to deal with heat and sweat throughout your journey as long as you have a high-quality cooling car seat cushion.

There’s no need to remove your car seat cover to install a cooling car seat cushion because it comes with a seat-like design that you just need to put on the car seat to use it. It’s very portable, and once you’ve used it, you can remove it from the seat.

A cooling car seat cushion utilizes different cooling technologies to keep you cool throughout your journey. Some don’t even need electricity to function because they have cooling gel installed inside them, which eliminates the heat build-up in the back. If you want to follow only one tip to keep your car seat cool, a good quality cooling car seat cushion is all you need. It does require a little investment, but it’s so worth it.

4. Let The Seats Cool Down

A car is a closed space that allows heat build-up inside when parked for longer. You can not do anything to keep the interior of your car cool in summer when you’re not around because the gadgets and accessories in your car are run by an electric current which is at rest until the car is not started.

One way to alleviate the heat in your car interior and seats is to turn your car AC on and let it run for at least 5 minutes. If you do so, then what will happen is that the car seats will absorb the cooling and eliminate the heat.

If you enter your car after it’s parked closed for longer and then turn the AC on, the seat will not cool down instantly because your back and lower back part will prevent the cooling from reaching there. The continuous release of heat from your body will make it more time-consuming for the seat to cool down.

This little effort of 5 minutes will do wonders, and if you follow this tip, you’ll feel a significant change in your car seat cooling level while traveling.

5. Use A Cooling Towel

Cooling towers are widely used by people, especially athletes, to cool themselves down during their sports. These kinds of towels are made of breathable mesh materials known to absorb the heat from your body and prevent sweat formation. That way, it cools you down and keeps you dry.

Before going somewhere in your car, cover the seat properly with a cooling towel. The cooling tower will keep your seat cool and prevent it from moisture. Once you’ve finished driving, remove the towel from the seat; otherwise, the towel will become hard if kept inside the car for longer.

A cooling towel is very affordable, and you can buy it from anywhere. Make sure the one you buy is made of breathable mesh materials, and if you can’t get one of such kind, buy YQXCC Cooling Towel, which comes with all the qualities needed in a cooling tower and has a huge customer base.

So these are the five best tips to keep your car seat cool. There’re not so many ways to keep your car seat cool because a car remains closed most of the time, and the heat builds up inside. You can pick to follow 2-3 tips from the above at your convenience to keep your car seat cool.


On the summer days, the car’s interior becomes very hot even if it’s parked in the shade, and then it becomes challenging to drive it anywhere, especially at noon. The part of the car that scares us the most in the summer is the seat because sometimes that just gets too hot to sit on. There’re many good tips to keep a car seat cool, and one can follow a few of them to get rid of this problem.

So this was all about how to keep your car cool with five simple steps, and I hope you’ve found this article helpful. Have a great day ahead!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Following are some of the frequently asked questions related to a car seat that you may find helpful-

How to keep a child’s car seat cool?

Heat can affect your baby in many ways, and it must be prevented at any cost. All the tips that I’ve shared above in this article also work for the children’s seat, and you can opt for them to keep your child’s car seat cool. You can use one more thing to keep your child’s seat cool: a portable car seat cooler or fan that keeps your baby cooler and more comfortable during the trip.

Heat causes the color of an object to fade away because it pulls the moisture and changes the physical property of the object. A car seat cover is made of materials like Nylon, Leather, Polyester, Vinyl, etc., which are prone to get affected by the heat. As the time passes, the car seat covers start losing their color and show wrinkles which happens because of the heat.

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