How To Keep Car Cool In Summer Without AC (9 Proven Ways)

Summer is the season that sometimes feels the best season and sometimes the worst. It feels the best when we go on vacations, DJ Nights, and water sports, but it feels worst when we have to drive somewhere in the middle of the noon. The problem of driving in summer gets even worse when your car’s AC is bad. As you googled how to keep a car cool in summer without AC, you’ve got to the right place, which is this article. So just stick around for a few minutes.

There are many ways to keep a car cool in summer without AC, but not all fulfill the end users’ needs. Before writing this article, I’ve done in-depth research to ensure my readers learn the right thing and do not get misled. In addition, I’ve also included some gadgets that are very affordable and worth it.

Opting to at least 3 of the ways that you’ll learn further about is what is recommended for the best results. So let’s get started.

Fun fact: The 1940 Packard was the first car with factory-installed AC.

How Can Summer Heat Affect Your Car

Heat has the potential to affect various things to a great extent, and it can affect even the expensive things when it’s at their peak.

Most of the parts of a car are susceptible to severe damage in the heat because they’re made of fragile materials. A few of such parts are the dashboard, seat cover, and paintwork of the car, which are exposed the most to the sun while the car is running or parked.

First, let’s talk about how your dashboard gets affected when exposed to the heat. So the dashboard is made of polyvinyl chloride, a kind of soft and light plastic. This plastic is covered with paint and softeners when used to manufacture the dashboard to hide its original color and texture. When the UV rays fall on the dashboard through the windshield, the dashboard’s color starts fading away, and the material starts getting weak.

This problem causes your car to age faster if not fixed at an earlier stage, and the best solution to this problem is using a dashboard cleaner with UV protectant The UV rays affect the seat cover and paintwork of your car the same way it does to the dashboard, and you require to apply respective kinds of UV protectants on them to protect them from damage.

There can be a whole article on how heat affects your car, which I’ll surely create in the future. But for this article, the information given above is more than enough. Next, you’ll learn the thing you’ve come here for, which is how to keep the car cool in summer with no AC.

9 Proven Ways To Keep Your Car Cool During Summer Without AC

Here they’re as follows-

1. Cooling Car Seat Cushion

I’ve driven a car with a bad AC for eight months, and the only gadget that helped me through it was a cooling car seat cushion. Some investments are so worth it, and a good quality cooling car seat cushion is one.

A cooling car seat cushion utilizes cooling technology to keep you cool and comfortable throughout your journey in scorching summer. This seat cushion keeps you cool from down where heat irritates the most, and as you spend some time on it, you start feeling the cooling in your whole body.

Various best cooling car seat cushions use cooling technologies such as cooling gel, fan, natural cooling techniques, etc. The only purpose of these technologies is to provide you with cooling and comfort while you’re in the car, and you can go for any of them at your convenience.

Whether you have AC in your car or not, you can use this gadget in both conditions to beat the heat. I have a sedan and an SUV, and the AC of both of them is working perfectly, but I still use this gadget in the summer to drive with extra cooling and comfort.

2. Portable Fan

A portable fan is another gadget that can drive the heat away from your car and keep it cool without AC. Portable gadgets are in great demand because they are easy to install, use, and transport from one place to another with no effort.

Portable fans come with many attachments that help you install them easily and safely in your car. These fans are small and light so that they don’t occupy plenty of space in your car. Some of these fans utilize a lithium-ion battery that you need to charge using the charger they come with, while some of them come with attached plugs that you need to put in the cigarette lighter socket to run them.

Whether you’re sitting in the backseat or front seat of your car, you can install this portable fan in front of you on the object using the attachments and enjoy the cool breeze coming from it. Along with that, some of these fans come in a pair that are the best for two people.

The good quality portable fans for cars are so versatile that you can adjust them the way you want to make the most out of them, and that’s what you’re recommended to use. Using a low-quality one can get you sweating in the middle of a trip as it can fail to work anytime.

3. Park In Shade

Parking your car in the shade contributes a lot to keep it cool in summer, and many people become too lazy to do it. Finding a shady place to park your car isn’t an easy task because either there’s no shady place around or the place is already occupied.

As we’re here talking about keeping the car cool in summer without AC, it’s essential to follow this tip, and you must put effort into finding a shady place to park your car so that when you come back and get inside, it is the same as you had left it.

Parking your car under the sun, even if the car’s AC is good, is also not the right thing to do because the sharp UV rays can affect the car’s paintwork and dashboard, as I’ve mentioned earlier, and that can cause your car look aged.

4. Prevent UV Rays

This tip is pretty the same as the previous tip, and you must follow it if the previous one seems a difficult task to you. As it’s already mentioned, UV rays enter inside through the glass window and windshield and cause heat build-up, you should prevent it by blocking the UV rays on the glass body.

There can be many ways to do it, but the best and easiest way is to stick a sunshade on the glass body from the inside. The sunshade is made of fabric that blocks UV light and infrared radiation. It helps prevent heat build-up inside the car, and the car stays cool for longer.

A low-quality sunshade may prevent the UV rays from entering your car, but it may not be able to prevent the heat build-up because they absorb the heat a lot. The high-quality sunshade blocks the UV light while absorbing it very little, and that’s what you have to use. If you don’t want to use a sunshade, you can use a UV reflector which works the same as the sunshade.

5. Use A Dehumidifier

Excessive heat build-up inside the car causes humidity, making it uncomfortable to travel in a car with no AC. The humidity doesn’t let the sweat on your body dry and creates a suffocative environment. In addition, the excessive humidity inside the car can also cause the metallic parts to rust.

A car dehumidifier helps get rid of the humidity from the car to a great extent because it absorbs the moisture and leaves the environment inside the car dry. There are a variety of car dehumidifiers available in the market that do their job quite well, but the one that has outperformed is Afloia Mini Dehumidifier.

This mini device absorbs the humidity in small spaces like a car in a short period, and it’s very portable that you can keep it anywhere inside your car. I highly recommend using this dehumidifier for your car because I’ve been an old user of it, and it has satisfied me fully with its performance.

6. Don’t Get In Quickly

The heat build-up inside the car can’t be prevented because the car is closed all the time, and there’s no ventilation during that period. Before you just hop inside your car after opening its door, it’s advised to leave it for at least 5 minutes to allow all the heat to come out.

When you park your car in a garage or around your home, make sure to keep the windows of your car slightly open for ventilation. This will not allow the heat to stay and build up inside the car, and your car will be cool all the time.

7. Drive With Open Windows

While driving on a highway or a paved road, you can open the window of your car to let the fresh air come inside. Now I understand that this will cause the dust to come inside, and your dashboard and seat will get covered with it, but you have to make this little sacrifice to keep your car cool. Once you get home, you can clean the dust off the interior with a piece of clothing.

In the case of a rough or off-road, it’s recommended to not open the window as it can cause a lot of dust to fill up inside, and then you’ll have to spend hours cleaning it.

8. Tint The Windows

Tinting your windows is another great way to reduce heat inside your car and keep it cool without AC, but it’s expensive. If you live in states like Florida or Hawaii, which are the hottest, investing in getting your car windows tinted is worth it.

If you live in any other state and have a good budget, you must invest in it because it’s a one-time investment that will serve you until your car’s lifespan is over. Make sure to get your windows tinted by professionals to avoid any issues with them in the future.

Also, before you go for it, know how much tinting is allowed in your state, as each state has a different window tint percentage law.

9. Avoid Smoking Or Vaping Inside

Smoking or vaping inside the car is what many people love, which is surely not the wrong thing to do as long as the car has AC. The AC blows cold air that neutralizes the smoke quickly and eliminates its impact on the environment inside the car. The smoke that comes from the cigarette, cigar, or vaporizer is warm, which can increase the temperature inside the car.

If you can’t resist smoking, the right thing to do is park your car roadside and then do it because it will also be not the right suggestion to smoke while driving with the open window as it’s not a sign of good etiquette.

So this was about the best ways to keep your car cool in summer without AC. It’d be better if you follow all these ways but if you can’t do it for any reason, go for at least three ways (including at least one gadget) for the best results.


When the summer season begins, we start using the AC while going somewhere in the car. But what if, for some reason, your car AC fails to work? In that case, you can opt for ways to keep your car cool without AC. There are tons of such ways which are proven and work every time, and you can opt for a few of them at your convenience to keep your car cool even when the summers are at their peak.

So this was all about how to keep the car cool in summer without AC, and I hope you’ve found this article worth your time. Have an amazing day ahead!

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