Top 4 Reasons A Dog Ramp For Your Car Is A Good Idea

When you go on a drive with your dog or come from one, you would open the door of your vehicle and let the dog jump in or out. This thing is what most dog owners do, and it can put the dog into some serious problems in the future if not addressed earlier. As a responsible dog owner, you must know why dog ramps for cars and SUVs are worth it, and this very article is all about that.

The number one reason why a dog ramp for your car or SUV is good is that it prevents excessive pressure on your dog’s joints when he jumps in and out of your vehicle. Dogs tend to have joint-related issues as they get older, and using a ramp can prevent these issues to a great extent in the future.

The dog ramp benefits your dog, but it also benefits you, and you’ll learn about it as you stay stick to this article till the end.

Why A Dog Ramp?

There is not only one reason why a dog ramp is important if you often go on a ride with your dog. There are over 4 reasons which are as follows-

Prevents Your Dog’s Joints

Joint-related issues are common among humans because the body starts losing calcium after a certain period of time, which invites such kinds of health issues. The same thing happens to the animals, especially the dogs who jump and bounce around a lot.

Jumping in and out of the car causes excessive pressure on the dog’s joints, especially on the knees, and that causes the joints to get weak. If your dog is sporty and does a lot of jumping and all, and you provide it with proper nutrition, that’s okay. But if your dog is like the other pet dogs, then it may not be okay for him to get in and out of your vehicle by jumping.

Here, the dog ramp works as life-saving equipment because it works like a bridge between your car and the ground and lets your dog get in and out of your car with ease. The vets also recommend using a ramp for the good of the dog’s bones and joints.

Prevents Possible Injuries

Dogs are playful, and they love roaming around, sniffing things, and sometimes peeing on a car tire to mark their ownership. They do many things which seem meaningless but put a smile on our faces. We need to parent them and take care of them all the time to ensure they are safe and sound.

Jumping in and out of the car not only increases the risk of joint-related issues but also increases the injury to your dog’s body. Sometimes while jumping, your dog may slip, or you get out of your car on a rough road during a trip, and your dog also jumps out.

These things end up causing injury to your pup’s body, especially on his soft paws, and here, your 2 minutes of setting up the ramp can prevent your dog from such possible injuries. So this is another reason why a dog ramp for your car/SUV is a big need.

Prevents Your Car

You should be aware all the time that your pooch has also got sharp nails that are sharp enough to scratch your car paintwork or tear the delicate part. Dogs jump with quite a speed, and they use their nails for traction and to stop. So if someday your dog is overexcited and takes a big jump to get in the car, you may expect your car seat cover or floor mat to get torn.

A dog ramp will allow the dog to get in the car quickly and easily, and then he will no longer have to use those sharp nails to stop himself. So using a dog ramp of a few bucks to save your $500 leather seat cover is quite a good deal.

Prevents Your Back

I see many people pick their dog up and then put it in and out of their car, and it hurts my back just by seeing it. The average weight is around 65lbs, which is pretty heavy, and bending for picking it can put a lot of pressure on your back. It’s okay if you do it as long as you lift weights, but if you’re like me, who doesn’t lift, you need to stop picking up your dog now.

Picking up your dog can lead to a serious lower back injury which you will never wish to have. Also, a basic chiropractor in the United States charges around $100 per visit, which is similar to the cost of a good quality dog ramp for a car. Now it’s upto you what option you choose to go with.

So these are the 4 main reasons a dog ramp for your car/SUVs is a good idea. Next, I’ve made a comparison between car ramps to SUV ramps which is important for you to know if you own either of them.

Comparison Of Car Ramps To SUV Ramps

The car ramps and the SUV ramps are two different types of ramps widely used by dog owners. These two types of ramps have some differences, which I’ve mentioned below in a table by comparing the car ramps to the SUV ramps.

Car RampsSUV Ramps
Car ramps are smaller in size because their ground clearance is low.SUV ramps are elongated and bigger because of the high ground clearance.
Car ramps don’t have a high-end anti-slip system on their bottom because they make a small slope.SUV ramps have a high-end lock system on their bottom to prevent slipping because they make a large slope between the ground and the vehicle.
Car Ramps are very affordable in price.SUV ramps are a bit costly (around $100) because of their overall structure and safety features.

So this was about the comparison of car ramps to SUV ramps in 3 points. Next, you’ll learn if you have to buy a new ramp every time or not.

Do You Have To Buy A New Ramp Every Time?

It depends upon what kind of ramp you’ve bought or going to buy. Some ramps have low weight holding capacity because they are designed for small dogs, while some have higher weight capacity, making them able to bear the weight of all size dogs.

If you have a dog such as a husky, german shepherd, or labrador that has not fully grown yet, you should go for a ramp with a higher weight capacity and adjustable size because these dog breeds get bigger and heavier as they get older. Also, ensure that the ramp is quite wide so that the dog can run across it quickly.

You may also have a question like, what if I change my vehicle in the future. Would I need to buy a ramp that fits my new vehicle? The answer to this question also depends on what kind of ramp you’re buying or have bought.

Some ramps are smaller in size, and they are designed for cars only, while some of them are long and are specially designed for SUVs. Nowadays, keeping the customers’ needs in mind, companies have started manufacturing dog ramps compatible with all types of vehicles, and 80-90% of dog ramps available in the market are universal fitting.

So if you’ve bought a specific type of dog ramp for your vehicle and are switching to a different vehicle, you may need to get another ramp. But if you haven’t bought a ramp yet and planning to get one, I recommend going for the one with universal fitting ability.

What Kinds Of Car Ramps Are Available?

There are no criteria that differentiate the car ramps. The dog ramps for cars available in the market are quite similar in shape, size, and feature.

You may see the tiny differences like materials used to manufacture the ramp carpet or the kind of plastic used for the ramp body, which is not something that you need to concern about. All the car ramps available in the market manufactured by recognized brands are reliable and safe to use.

One thing that is not related to the kind of car ramps but you should still know is that some car ramps are specially designed for cars while some are universal-fit, i.e., they fit all types of cars.

For the past couple of years, most companies have started manufacturing universal fitting dog ramps instead of a specific vehicle ramp. The universal one is used the most and is easily available in the market.

So here we discussed some points related to the kind of car ramps available in the market. Next, you’ll learn about the dog ramps that are the best for cars and SUVs.

Which Is The Best Dog Ramps For Cars And Suvs?

There are many dog ramps for cars and SUVs available in the market that are good quality and reliable. But as far as the best dog ramps are concerned, the following 3 are the ones that steal the top positions-

Petstep Original Folding Pet Ramp

This folding ramp has been by far the best dog ramp for cars, and many dog owners have absolutely loved this product. This incredible dog ramp is designed to fit a variety of vehicles, including cars, SUVs, vans, etc. You can also call it a universal fit pet ramp.

The weight holding capacity of this ramp is upto 500 lbs, so whether you have a Chihuahua or a fully grown Bulldog, you can just use it to let them in and out of your car easily and safely. The surface of this ramp is made of non-slip rubber, which ensures your dog has better traction in all weather conditions.

This ramp has also got side rails for more safety, and you can easily fold and put it in the trunk of your car in a matter of seconds. Overall, this ramp is just the perfect dog ramp for your car.

Petsafe Happy Ride Delux Ramp

This ramp is another Petsafe product with a weight holding capacity of upto 400lbs. Unlike the previous ramp, this one is slidable, and it takes less space to get stored in your car. The ramp is quite lightweight, allowing you an easy setup.

The manufacturer has used a high traction surface to ensure your dog doesn’t slip and can walk over it comfortably. The side rails are also there to provide your dog extra safety while recklessly running on them.

This ramp is also a universal fit, so no matter whether you have a sedan or SUV, you can make use of it with probably any type of 4-wheeler.

Petgear Foldable Ramp

Another dog ramp I’ve got for you is from Pet Gear, another prominent brand manufacturing dog ramps. This dog ramp comes with a tri-fold feature, allowing you to narrow it down to a small size suitcase-like thing when not using it.

The dog owners liked this ramp the most because of its soft green surface, making it look like a grass bed. This feature encourages the dog to walk on it a bit quicker than the other ramps that I’ve talked about above.

This dog ramp is not for big dogs because the weight holding capacity of this ramp is only 200 lbs. So if you have got an Irish Wolfhound or Leonberger, you can make this car ramp an option. In addition, like the other two dog ramps I’ve mentioned above, this one is also a universal fit.

So this was about the top 3 best dogs ramps for cars and SUVs. The quality of these 3 ramps is top-notch, which is why they have a huge customer base. All of them are universally fit, and you can buy any of them at your convenience.

You may also go through a comprehensive review of the best dogs ramps for cars and SUVs to get more options to choose from.

Important Note: Always buy a dog ramp with a weight holding capacity of 1.5 times your dog’s weight. For example, if your dog weighs 100 lbs, buy a ramp that can bear upto 150 lbs weight, or if your dog weighs 200 lbs, then buy one with a 300 lbs weight holding capacity.


As a dog owner, you’re supposed to take care of your pooch’s activities all the time. If you love roaming around with your dog in your car, then a dog ramp is a must-have thing. Letting your dog get in and out of your car without any support can cause him to suffer in the future, and a small investment can prevent it from happening.

So here we discussed why dog ramps for cars and SUVs are a good idea, and I hope you’ve found this article worth your time. Good luck!

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