Top 10 Coolest Gadgets Every Car Enthusiast Needs

Gadgets are awesome. They are the technologies that make our life much easier and more fun. The tech-savvies eagerly wait for a new gadget to get launched so that they get updated with the latest technologies. Gadgets are of different varieties that you may not need to know about, but as a car enthusiast, you must know about the coolest gadgets every car enthusiast needs.

One of the coolest car gadgets that I, as a car enthusiast, liked the most is a car coffee maker. Around 150 million people in the United States drink coffee, and I’m also one. Also, what’s better than brewing a cup of coffee and relishing it during a trip. So if you love coffee, get this gadget now.

It may also be possible that you’re not a hard-core coffee lover, but that doesn’t mean this article isn’t for you. I’ve included over 10 coolest car gadgets (including the coffee maker) in this post so stick around till the end.

What Are Car Gadgets And Their Role?

Car gadgets are essentially the accessories used in the car to enhance its overall comfort and safety levels. There’re so many awesome gadgets made for cars available in the market, out of which some are ordinary while some are smart. Some gadgets are designed for a specific model, while some are common and compatible with all car models.

Car gadgets are not necessary to have, but if you love technology or are a core car enthusiast, you have to have certain gadgets for your car.

I was never a gadget guy, but I’ve always loved riding my car around and going on a trip. I’ve been using car gadgets for the past 4 years, and my experience with them has been way better than I’d expected. Next, you’ll learn about the top 10 coolest gadgets that you must give a try as a car enthusiast.

10 Of The Coolest Gadgets Every Car Enthusiast Needs to Have

Here they’re as follows-

Car Coffee Maker

If you love coffee, especially the one that you brew yourself, you’re going to love this gadget. A car coffee maker is a small coffee brewing machine that brews you a cup of coffee in a matter of minutes.

This machine uses the cigarette lighter socket of your car for the electricity, and it’s fully automatic. You just need to put the water or milk in it and the coffee capsule/powder (depending on your machine) and turn it on. The whole brewing process doesn’t take more than 5 minutes, and your joe is ready to be relished.

If you think that the coffee maker makes only one type of coffee, you’re wrong. There are also a few car coffee makers available in the market that can brew a variety of coffee, including Caffe Americano, Caffe Latte, Cappuccino, Italian coffee, etc. So if during a ride, you want to enjoy a cup of Cappuccino, just brew it on the go.

There are different types of car coffee makers, and their prices are also different. The one with the most features (the fully-automatic one) is costlier than the one that requires some manual operations. I prefer going with the fully automatic one because it’s better than other types of car coffee makers in many aspects.

Cooling Car Seat Cushion

Summers have come, and I’m sure you’ve switched from the heater to AC. The summer is mild in the initial months, but it turns into a scorching summer from mid-June, and by the mid of July, it unleashes its wrath on us.

The only cooling source that most people use in their car is AC, but when the summer is at its peak, it also fails to dry off the sweat on your back. At that point, the only gadget worth investing in is a good quality cooling car seat cushion.

A cooling car seat cushion is a kind of seat that contains cooling technology. This cooling technology keeps the seat cool and comforts the users throughout their journey.

Different types of cooling car seat cushions use different cooling technology. Some of them have cooling gel and mesh to absorb the heat, some of them utilize electric fans to cool you down, and some of them are made of wooden beads that let the air pass to your body from all directions. There are also many other types, but these three types are the most popular.

All of these technologies aim to keep you cool from the bottom and prevent heat and sweat build-up. There are many of the best cooling car seat cushions that you can choose from to beat the heat.

Sunglass Holder

We often wear sunglasses while driving, especially when the day is very bright. The sunglasses are our best friend on a sunny day because they protect our eyes from harsh UV rays, but when we are done using them, we just keep them on the dashboard or passenger seat, where they are susceptible to getting damaged.

The average cost of a pair of good-quality sunglasses is around $100, and finding it broken or damaged can hurt you, especially if it’s your favorite pair. To prevent yourself from this misery in the future, the best you can do is use a good quality sunglass holder in your car.

A sunglass holder ensures full protection to your pair of sunglasses when you’re not using them. It features a strong clip that allows you to install it on the visor of your car. Also, it’s designed in a certain way to hold a variety of sunglasses.

The clip features for holding purposes are gentle enough to not cause any scratch on your favorite sunglasses. Also, your sunglasses are all safe and protected even when you’re off-roading. So if you love your sunglasses, get a sunglass holder for your car now.

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A dashcam is a camera mounted on the car’s dashboard or windscreen to record continuously everything that happens on the road. This camera works as a witness in many incidents, and over 70% of Americans are currently using this gadget.

The dashcam provides full security to the car because it records everything continuously. This gadget is a must-have thing for every car owner because there are certainties of a lot of things to happen when you’re driving, and there this cool gadget can turn out to be a life-saving device.

The cost of a dashcam can vary depending upon its video quality and other features such as recording while the car is parked. While buying security gadgets like this, it’s always recommended to choose the good quality one so that your property is safe when you’re not around.

The dashcams are not very pricey, and a good quality dashcam with almost every feature costs about $90-110. I’ve been following some motor-related forums and learned about many dashcams and their qualities. I found a few of them as the best dashcams for cars that old users also highly recommended. So ensure to get this gadget to add one more cool feature to your car.

Car Cleaning Gel

A clean car is a sign that you love your car a lot, and no car owner can deny this fact. As a car enthusiast, I’m sure you keep both interior and exterior parts of your car clean and spick & span, unlike others who work all the time brightening only the exterior of their car.

Cleaning the car’s exterior is also easier than the interior, which is another reason why many people clean the exterior more often than the interior. But, there is a lot of useful stuff available in the market that makes cleaning the interior much easier for you.

The gadget that I’ve loved for the past couple of years is a cleaning gel which helps me clean my main interior parts to a great extent within 5 minutes. I keep this gadget in my dashboard drawer so that before a quick date or a business trip with my boss, I can use it to clean my dashboard, armrest, and steering wheel quickly.

The average cost of this cleaning gel is around $7, making it one of the cheapest gadgets for the car. Cleaning your car interior won’t be challenging anymore if you have the best cleaning gel.

Tire Inflator

A properly inflated tire is a must to have a safe ride. The vehicle experts always recommend checking the air pressure in your tires and ensuring they are inflated to the recommended PSI.

Most tire blowouts happen because of the under-inflated tires, and if you have ever faced a tire blowout, you can understand how hard it becomes to control the car. As a car owner, you must know how to maintain your car tires to ride with your loved ones without any risk.

There are plenty of ways to check the tire pressure in your car, among which the easiest way is using a tire pressure gauge. Many new car models have started providing TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System), which makes it super easy for you to know which tire is over-inflated or under-inflated.

The car tires often become under-inflated, and as soon as you address it, you should get it fixed quickly. Now, what if you find one of your tires is under-inflated in the middle of a highway? Well, in that situation, the only gadget you can use is a Tire inflator.

A tire inflator enables you to inflate or deflate the tire on the spot within a few minutes. The whole process of inflating your tire using this gadget is effortless and less time-taking.

There’re some of the best tire inflators available in the marketplace, and you’re supposed to pick one from them because a poor quality one may fail to work anytime. It’s one of the best and the most useful gadgets for cars, and investing in it can save your life and money on new tires.

Emergency Escape Tool

We should always be prepared for the worst no matter what we do because uncertainties can knock on your door and drag you into a situation where you’ll never wish to be. In the case of a car, the uncertainty that you should always be prepared for is getting trapped in it.

As a car enthusiast, you must have something to escape your car in an emergency. Being trapped in a car for longer can lead to several serious problems such as breath quickness, faster heartbeat, tiredness, etc. because the oxygen level starts decreasing in the car when it’s locked for longer.

There’s a variety of emergency escape tools that are worth opting for, but the best and the coolest among all of them is a Glass Breaker Saftey Hammer. This hammer is probably the coolest because of its shape, size, and strength. It’s used to break the windshield or glass window of the car effortlessly in an emergency.

This hammer is quite small, and you can store it anywhere inside your car. There are many ways to break a car window in an emergency but having a special hammer for this job is a next-level cool thing to have.

Air Purifier

While getting in your car for a ride, if you don’t feel like entering a luxury showroom, you must be missing something, and that something is nothing but an Air purifier.

There are many things we do in our car that ruin its environment and air quality. Things like spilling food or getting groceries from the market cause different odors to build up inside the car. The car is closed most of the time, which prevents the ventilation, leading the odor to get more obnoxious.

It can be embarrassing that you invite someone for a ride, and as soon as they enter your car, they smell something like a rotten egg. A good quality air purifier is the best solution to this problem because it can drive away even the worst smell from your car and make it environment-friendly. The market is full of the best air purifiers for cars, giving you plenty of options.

Wireless Car Charger Mount

This gadget is the coolest and the smartest gadget in our picks. A charging cable is one of the things that go missing when we need them, and this becomes quite frustrating, especially when your phone’s battery is dying. The best way to put an end to this problem is by mounting a wireless car charger in your car.

A wireless car charger mount is equipped with intelligence to identify and charge the device, and all you require to do is put the phone on it and then wait until it gets fully charged. It has two support systems on both sides that ensure your device is firmly placed in its position.

Once the device is fully charged, it automatically turns off. It’s also fully adjustable, and you can rotate it to 360 degrees if needed. The best place to mount it inside your car is on the dashboard with the help of the attachments it comes with. Investing in the best wireless car charger mount can upgrade your car to the next level as a car enthusiast.

Car Battery Booster Pack

A car battery is one of the crucial components of a car, and it’s probably impossible to run a car without it. Experts always advise keeping the battery in the optimum condition so that your car runs smoothly for longer.

If you’ve owned a car for a long time, then I’m sure you would’ve got your car battery dead at least once. In my case, I’ve faced this problem several times, and it’s so bothering me. I’ve got my car battery dead in the middle of a highway, and people who pass by, barely agree on a jumpstart.

Ever since I bought a car battery booster pack, I drive everywhere without worrying about my battery because whenever it dies, I take my charger pack out, pop my hood, and connect it to the battery. At first, I underestimated this gadget because I thought I’d barely need it, but it turned out to be one of the most useful car gadgets that I highly recommend every car owner should have.

While searching for the best car battery booster pack, I went through a lot of battery booster packs and finally found the one that still works the best for my Honda Accord. You can also call this gadget a portable jump starter. Grab this cool gadget now to revive your dead battery anywhere without needing someone’s help.

So this was all about the top 10 coolest gadgets every car enthusiast needs. If you’re a real car enthusiast, then I’m sure you’d have carted at least one of these gadgets. Next, you’ll learn whether spending your money on car gadgets is worth it or not.

Is it Worth Spending on Gadgets for your car?

The market is full of gadgets where some gadgets are cheap while some are exorbitant. Using a few useful car gadgets makes things much easier for you, and you must have them in your car to improve its comfort and safety level.

The old model cars may not have as many features as the new models, and this is where the car gadgets can fill the gap. If you own an old model of a car and want to equip it with more features, then spending on a few good gadgets is worth it.

The gadgets I’ve talked about in this article are so useful, and they’re also quite affordable in price and spending your money on them is worth it. Next, you’ll learn if cool gadgets contribute to making your car high-tech.

Do Cool Gadgets Make Your Car High Tech?

The simple answer to this question is yes. The role of cool car gadgets is to increase the number of features in your car and improve its overall comfort and safety level. The gadgets you use for cars utilize some sort of technology to function. So it simply means that using cool car gadgets makes your car high-tech.


Upgrading a car’s features and comfort level is one of the most fun things to do for a car enthusiast, and it’s probably impossible without gadgets. The market is full of gadgets for a car, but you don’t need all of them. There are many affordable gadgets available in the market that are super useful and create a significant change in your car.

So this was all about the 10 coolest gadgets that every car enthusiast needs to have, and I’m glad you stayed stick to this article till the end and found it helpful. Have a great day ahead!

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