What License Plate Screw Size Will Fit Your Vehicle

License Plate Screw Size

It’s important to know what license plate screw size will fit your vehicle before you buy it. This is because the different vehicle models require different sizes of license plate screws. The most common license plate screw size that fits most of the vehicle is 1/4-14-3/4 inch. These self-tapping screws can fit most vehicles that … Read more

How To Test A Solenoid With A Screwdriver: The Ultimate Guide

Test A Solenoid With A Screwdriver copy-min

There’re many ways to test a solenoid, but do you know how to test a solenoid with a screwdriver? You should know it because sometimes all you have is a screwdriver, and solenoid’s problem happens often. To test a solenoid with a screwdriver, you’ll need to place the head of the screwdriver on the large … Read more

Reset Honda Oil Maintenance Light (Easy Steps)

Reset Honda oil maintenance light

Honda is one of the biggest car companies, and it is well known for manufacturing stylish and durable cars. A significant chunk of the car users possesses the Honda car cause it has some qualities that other car brands mightn’t provide in their vehicles. Along with having good qualities, some of Honda’s car models have … Read more

How to Reset the Oil Life On a Honda CR-V (All models)

How to reset the oil life on a Honda CR-V

If you own a Honda CR-V, you might have faced a problem related to resetting the oil maintenance life, which occurs after an engine oil replacement. If you take your car to a workshop for servicing, the technicians reset it after changing the engine oil, but sometimes, they forget to do it. This problem is … Read more

What Kind Of Oil To Use In Hydraulic Jack (Simply Explained)

What Kind Of Oil To Use In Hydraulic Jack

If you use a hydraulic jack to lift heavy objects, you should know what kind of oil to use in Hydraulic Jack to make it work smoothly and effectively. The Hydraulic Jack makes it easier to lift a heavy object, and it’s primarily used to lift vehicles. If you use your Jack often, then you’re … Read more