What License Plate Screw Size Will Fit Your Vehicle

License Plate Screw Size

It’s important to know what license plate screw size will fit your vehicle before you buy it. This is because the different vehicle models require different sizes of license plate screws. The most common license plate screw size that fits most of the vehicle is 1/4-14-3/4 inch. These self-tapping screws can fit most vehicles that … Read more

Top 10 Best Tesla Games That You Can Play When Bored

Tesla Games

Tesla, one of the leading companies in the automotive industry, provides great features in their automobiles that make people love them. Tesla cars come with a full self-driving feature that is one of the best features a car can offer, enabling people to reach their destination without even touching the steering. If you have a … Read more

What is the Vehicle Registration Number, and where to find it?

What is the Vehicle Registration Number

What is a vehicle registration number? A vehicle registration number is also known as the VIN or VIN code which is essentially your vehicle’s ID. This is a unique number, and you can also consider it as your vehicle’s fingerprint. This number is used in many cases, so a vehicle owner needs to own it, … Read more

7 Bad Spark Plug Symptoms You Shouldn’t Ignore

Bad Spark Plug Symptoms

Spark plugs are some of the most crucial parts of an engine. Even though it may seem like an ordinary device, its functions and jobs are more critical than some other parts. However, with time or due to some reasons they may start displaying bad spark plug symptoms. Do you know what is the function … Read more

How Much Does A Car Weigh And Why? (2022)

How Much Does a Car Weigh

Cars are a mode of transportation used by many people around the world. It is preferred because of its ease of mobility as well as comfort. Many people prefer buying their own car instead of using public transport. This makes it crucial to understand your car’s features before you buy it. Because even the smallest … Read more

How To Keep Car Cool In Summer Without AC (9 Proven Ways)

How To Keep Car Cool In Summer Without AC

Summer is the season that sometimes feels the best season and sometimes the worst. It feels the best when we go on vacations, DJ Nights, and water sports, but it feels worst when we have to drive somewhere in the middle of the noon. The problem of driving in summer gets even worse when your … Read more