How To Keep Car Cool In Summer Without AC (9 Proven Ways)

How To Keep Car Cool In Summer Without AC

Summer is the season that sometimes feels the best season and sometimes the worst. It feels the best when we go on vacations, DJ Nights, and water sports, but it feels worst when we have to drive somewhere in the middle of the noon. The problem of driving in summer gets even worse when your … Read more

10 Essential Car Maintenance Tips For The Hot Summer

car maintenance tips for summer

Summertime is the travel time by car for people of USA. They cannot refuse to go along with the lure of sunny skies and open roads. According to the survey in the USA 31.7 million people planned to travel by their car. Along with this summer season, unfortunately, comes car trouble. Fun Fact : Cars … Read more

How To Remove Road Salt From Car (The Best Way)

How To Remove Road Salt From Car

The salt helps people to reach their destination on time by neutralizing the snow on the road, but on the other hand, it also affects the cars if not taken care of. If you know how to remove road salt from the car, then you’ll no longer have to worry about the damage that can … Read more

How To Deflate Tires? Step by Step Guide

How To Deflate Tires

Learning how to let the air out of car tires is a really good idea. Why? Well, if your tires are overinflated & pressure levels are too high or maybe you want to move them somewhere, then it would be a nice idea to deflate the particular tire. If you’re wondering why overinflation is bad … Read more

How To Read Tire Size? Step by Step Guide

How To Read Tire Size

Being an auto enthusiast it is interesting to learn more and more about it. Most of them would be able to tell what model the car is just by looking at the headlamps or by looking at the wheels. But if you really want to learn about automobiles, you need to get a little technical … Read more

How To Use Tire Pressure Gauge? Step by Step Guide

How To Use Tire Pressure Gauge

Tire Pressure Gauges are small devices that are used to check tire pressure levels. Contrary to its size, they are some of the must-have accessories you should possess. If you have a tire pressure gauge then you can always make sure that your tires are neither over-inflated nor under-inflated. Because let’s face it, both these … Read more

3 Easy Steps To Put Air In Your Car Tires

how to put air in the tire

Control, safety, and comfort are the three parameters needed to be maintained for a car driving operation. Tire pressure plays a significant role in this phenomenon. Hence the tire of the car wheels requires good attention. There is a standard rating at which the tire must be inflated. There should be a stage of proper … Read more