5 Bike Racks For Electric Bikes With Fenders

Going off-roading with an electric bike is one of the most fun things, and the feeling of biking with your loved ones on the weekend drives all the tiredness and stress away. One challenge electric bikers face is carrying their bikes safely from one place to another, especially when their bike has fenders. This challenge won’t be a challenge anymore because, in this article, I’ve reviewed over five bike racks for electric bikes with fenders. So keep up with the article till the end.

If you don’t have much time to spend here reading this article and you want to know only about the top ones, then here are 3 of them as follows, which are also our top recommendations to our readers-

(I) Thule EasyFold X2 Hitch Bike Rack

Thule is among the most renowned companies manufacturing outdoor and transportation products, and one of their best products is EastFold X2 Hitch Bike Rack. This bike rack is by far the best bike rack for electric bikes with fenders because it has every feature that ensures the safe transportation of your bike.

Thule has provided this rack with high load capacity and tool-free installation to ensure that users can install it in their car quickly and transport their heavy electric bikes with full safety. This heavy-duty rack secures the first rank, and you can buy it for your 2 electric bikes.

(II) Hollywood Racks Sportrider SE2 HR 1450Z

Our second recommendation to our readers is Hollywood Racks Sportrider SE2 HR 1450Z, another great hitch rack for electric bikes with fenders. This e-bike rack doesn’t look very massive but is heavy-duty because of its sturdy manufacturing.

The rack keeps the bikes firmed in their position throughout the transportation, ensuring you don’t look back all the time to check it while driving. Evaluating the e-bike rack’s features, I rank it in the second position in my recommendation list.

(III) KAC K4 Hitch mounted Rack 4 Bike Platform

Going on biking with family or friends requires having a rack that can lift multiple bikes, and this is where KAC Hitch mounted rack comes into action. This rack comes with two different loading platforms, including 2-bike and 4-bike, out of which the 4-bike platform is preferred and liked the most by the users.

This rack is like the other two racks mentioned above in terms of features and qualities. It’s quick to install, easy to assemble, and versatile and all of these qualities contribute to making this rack our 3rd recommendation to our readers.

So this was about our top 3 bike racks for electric bikes with fenders. You can pick to buy any of these racks at your convenience and budget.

I’ve mentioned everything about these products further in this article, so if you want to learn more about them, scroll down to our list of top 5 bike racks for electric bikes with fenders and go through the first three ones.

Why Is A Bike Rack Important For An Electric Bike With Fenders?

The bike rack is important for electric bikes because they ensure safety, security, and easy transportation. Electric bikes are costly, and getting them damaged can cost you heavy.

Many bikers use electric bikes with fenders to prevent them from mud splashes and Peebles that get projected while riding. The fenders are also removable, and many bikers remove them as per the track condition.

The fenders attached to bikes such as the electric bikes and normal bikes are not very sturdy, and they are susceptible to breaking when being in a vulnerable position. So using any other way to transport your e-bike with fenders can cause the fenders to break, which is why you should use a high-quality e-bike rack.

Some bike racks require you to tie the fenders to the vehicle with the given straps. These bike/e-bike racks increase the chances of damaging the fenders because they can put a lot of pressure on the fenders during transportation.

Using a good quality bike rack for your ebike with fenders is crucial to keep it functioning longer without any loss. Next, you’ll learn about our top 5 bike racks for ebikes with fenders, which is why you’re here.

The Top 5 Bike Racks For Electric Bikes With Fenders

Here they’re as follows-

1. Thule EasyFold X2 Hitch Bike Rack

Key Specification

Item Weight45 Pounds
Load Capacity130 Pounds
Mounting TypeHitch, Power Grip
Item Dimension48.4×25×26.75 Inches
Maximum No. Of Bikes2

Features & Details

Thule is a Swedish company and is probably the best and a leading company manufacturing outdoor and transportation products. They manufacture high-quality products that meet the needs of the end-users, and one of their best outputs is EasyFold X2 Hitch Bike Rack.

The EasyFold is one of the high-performance and sturdy bike racks for e-bikes with fenders. It’s designed to fit perfectly a variety of bikes, including e-bikes (both with and without fenders) and mountain bikes which are also the types of bikes people usually transport.

This rack comes with essential attachments such as torque limiting knobs and ratcheting wheel straps that you can tie around the wheel to provide your bikes with proper stability. The rack has 130 lbs (65 lbs per bike) load capacity, so if someday you want to bike with your girlfriend or wife (make sure they both don’t get to know about each other), you can easily load two bikes on it and transport them with full safety.

This rack fits 1.25″ and 2″ hitch receivers only which are also the standard size of hitch used in cars, SUVs, and other vehicles. There’s no challenge in installing this rack in your car as it requires no tool to get installed, and installing it is effortless. In addition, it’s fully foldable and features a carry handle, allowing you to fold and transport it from one place to another like a trolly bag when you’re not using it.

The best thing Thule has equipped this rack with is wide platforms that ensure the wheels of your bike are in a stable position throughout the transportation. While the rack is installed, you can still have full access to your car’s trunk, which is the feature found absent in many bike racks. Overall, it’s a great rack for your bike if you own an electric bike with fenders.

  • Highly durable
  • Compact design
  • Features a wide platform
  • Features a bike ramp
  • Features sturdy locks for security
  • Easy to install and use
  • A bit pricey

2. Hollywood Racks Sportrider SE2 HR 1450Z

Key Specification

Item Weight49.25 Pounds
Load Capacity100 lbs
Mounting TypeHitch
Item Dimension36×18×9.8 Inches
Maximum No. Of Bikes2

Features & Details

The second rack in our list is Sportrider SE2 HR 1450Z from Hollywood, equipped with all essential features needed in a rack for an ebike with fenders. This rack comes with a weight load capacity of 100 lbs, enabling you to load it easily with two ebikes.

The Sport rider rack doesn’t look very bulky but is sturdy enough to transport your electric bikes with fenders safely from one place to another place. It’s very adjustable, and you can adjust it according to the bike you want to transport.

The installation process of this bike rack is the same as the previous one. There’s no need to use any tool to install this rack as it features a ‘no-wobble, no-tools hitch tightening system for easy installation. It only fits a 2″ hitch receiver and shouldn’t be used with any other size hitch receiver. The 2″ hitch receiver is pretty common in various vehicles, as I’ve already mentioned.

The overall design of this rack is so compatible that you can mount your bike on it without any effort. There’s no involvement of your bike’s fenders when you’re loading your ebike on this rack because it doesn’t have any attachment to be attached to the fenders to keep the bike stable on its position throughout the transportation.

You can have full access to the trunk of your car while this rack is installed, as it can be tilted down without any effort. In addition, when you’ve done using this rack, you can fold it flat against the car. It will be secured when you’re not around and busy cycling with your loved one.

  • Sleek design
  • Effortless to install and use
  • Adjustable
  • Durable
  • Uses locks to secure your bike
  • Low weight loading capacity (designed for light ebikes)

3. KAC K4 Hitch Mounted Rack 4 Bike Platform

Key Specification

Item Weight88 Pounds
Load Capacity240 lbs (60×4)
Mounting TypeTire, Hitch, Clamp
Item Dimension60.67×60.55×40.59 Inches
Maximum No. Of Bikes4

Features & Details

The third bike rack for ebike with fenders that I’ve got for you is K4 Hitch mounted rack by KAC, which is design-wise quite similar to the previous rack. This rack is slightly different from the other two that we’ve talked about above because it comes in two load capacities. The first one can load two ebikes, while another can load four ebikes without compromising safety and security.

The KAC has ensured this rack is sturdy while transporting your ebike from one place to another. There’s no involvement of your bike’s fenders to provide stability to your bike, so the fenders are all safe. The innovative Anti-wobble system leaves no room for any wobbling or disturbance while you’re transporting your ebikes from home to the desired place.

I’m talking about the KAC K4 mounted rack with four bike platforms here because that can also be detached into a two-bike rack. The one with a four bike platform is better than the one with a two bike platform in many aspects, and the price difference between them is also not very high.

The installation process of this rack is very easy as most of the parts of this rack are pre-assembled. The KAC also provides all the installation hardware, and you require nothing from outside. You can adjust this rack according to your convenience and the bike you want to use it for. Like the other bike racks, this rack also fits in only a 2″ hitch receiver.

With the given sturdy straps, you can tie your bikes with the rack and provide extra protection to the load. To access the trunk while this rack is installed, you can tilt the rack down and open the tailgate. Apart from that, when you aren’t using this rack, you can simply fold it against the trunk of your vehicle.

  • Compact design
  • Very adjustable
  • Easy to mount and use
  • Very durable
  • Utilizes locking knob and hitch pin for security
  • The plastic used in it isn’t very high quality.

4. Vibrelli Electric Bike Hitch Rack

Key Specification

Item Weight44.3 Pounds
Load Capacity130 lbs
Mounting TypeHitch
Item Dimension29.5×22×12 Inches
Maximum No. Of Bikes2

Features & Details

The Electric Bike Hitch Rack from Vibrelli is another best bike rack for ebike with fenders. This rack comes in an ergonomic design and features very adjustable wheel platforms to fit a variety of bike wheels.

The look of this rack is quite sporty, and that’s what many users liked about it (according to some forums). The rack is very compatible and has a weight load capacity of 130 lbs, allowing you to load it with two ebikes of 65 lbs.

There’s no challenge in installing this rack on your vehicle because all the parts come with our easy to assemble and install on the back of your car. It only fits the cars using a 2″ hitch receiver, which is common in all the racks that we’ve talked about so far. The rack also utilizes an Anti-wobble system to ensure no movement throughout the transportation.

For extra security, the Vibrelli has equipped this electric bike with triple lock security that you can enable to keep your bikes secure on it when you’re not around. You can also tilt this rack down to have access to the trunk while it’s installed on your car, and when your ebikes are not loaded on it, you can fold it against the tailgate to narrow it down.

There are no safety straps or attachments that go around your ebike to provide load stability, which is why I’ve included it in this article about the best bike racks for electric bikes with fenders. The ratchet straps that come with it are very sturdy and hold the wheels firmly in their position without causing any harm to the shiny rims.

  • Ergonomic design
  • Sporty look
  • Features triple lock security
  • Easy to mount and use
  • Quite durable
  • According to some users, it takes some to assemble its parts.

5. HYPERAX Volt-2 E-Bike Hitch Mounted Rack

Key Specification

Item Weight33.5 Pounds
Load Capacity140 lbs
Mounting TypeHitch
Item Dimension32.68×8.11×13 Inches
Maximum No. Of Bikes2

Features & Details

Last but not least, I’ve got a very strong and sturdy bike rack manufactured by a company named HYPERAX. This rack is the only rack in our picks with a load capacity of 140 lbs, and you can load two ebikes (70 lbs each) with fenders on it with full safety and security.

The overall design of this rack is very sleek and compact, and it has four-wheel platforms that fit all types of wheels on them. Like other high-quality racks we’ve talked about earlier in this article, this rack is also very easy to install, and most of its parts are pre-assembled. Also, it fits only in 2″ hitch receivers like most bike racks.

The Volt-2 is very compatible as it’s designed for various bikes, including ebikes (with or without fenders) and mountain bikes. While this rack is attached to your vehicle, you can still have full access to the trunk of your car by simply tilting the rack down. Once you’ve unloaded your bikes from it, you can fold them to narrow them down.

This ebike rack for bikes with fenders is also quite light in weight. You can uninstall it when not using it and then carry it with the help of the handle it features. You can also hang it on the wall with an integrated wall mount hook. Along with that, the velcro straps it features for tightening the wheels on their position are reflective to help improve visibility at night.

There’s no disturbance you’ve to deal with while transporting your ebikes from one place to another using this rack because it comes with an anti-wobbling system that ensures stable and wobble-free transportation of your load.

  • Lightweight
  • Very compact design
  • Easy to mount and use
  • High loading capacity
  • Features a dual key lock for security
  • Wobbles on a rough road

So this was all about the five best bike racks for electric bikes with fenders. All of the racks mentioned above are equipped with all the essential features, and you can buy any of them at your convenience. Next, you’ll learn about the things to consider before buying a bike rack.

What To Consider Before Buying A Bike Rack For An Electric Bike With Fenders (A Helpful Buying Guide)

Following are the things to consider-

Hanging Style

Electric bikes are heavy, and the only hanging style that fits the best on them is a platform-like hanging style where the wheels are on a platform to provide stability to the bike during transportation. Some bike racks don’t have a platform for wheels, and they only have a hanger on which you can hang the bike and then tie it using the straps.

The ebike racks I’ve mentioned earlier in this article have platforms for wheels, which is recommended to use in the case of ebikes, especially when they have fenders.

Loading Capacity

There are many bike racks for ebikes with fenders available in the market with different loading capacities. Some of them can load one bike, some can load 2, while some can load over four ebikes which is also the recommended number of ebikes to be loaded on a car and SUV.

If you own only one bike (ebike, MTB, or any similar type of bike) and you have plans to buy one more in the future, you should buy a rack with a loading capacity of 2 bikes. Similarly, if you’re a hardcore ebike lover and own 2-3 of them, you should buy something such as KAC K4 (the third product from the list), which is versatile and can load 2-4 ebikes with ease.

Even if you have only one ebike, you should still go for the one with two bikes’ loading capacity because the good quality ebikes are costly. If you buy one more bike in the future, you may regret buying the bike rack with a single bike loading capacity.

Bike Security

Security is a crucial aspect to keep in mind before buying an ebike rack because the thief might fall in love with your ebike and attempt to steal it even when it’s mounted on the rack. Most of the good-quality bike racks feature sturdy locks to provide security to your property when you aren’t around.

The locks have one key to put in your wallet or inside your car after use. So make sure the ebike rack you’re going to buy features a lock system to keep it away from thieves.


Durability is an essential factor to consider before buying a bike rack for your ebike. Just imagine someday in the morning you’re loading your ebikes on the rack for a morning ride and your rack’s locks or attachments fail to work.

There’re a lot of ebike racks available in the market, but not all of them are durable. The ones built with high-quality material last for longer, which you should always invest in.


If you’ve gone through all five bike racks mentioned above, you must have seen that most of them fit only in a 2″ hitch receiver because that’s the size of receiver found in most vehicles such as cars, SUVs, and vans. Before buying a bike rack for your electric bike with fenders, make sure you find out the size of the hitch receiver your vehicle uses, and then buy a rack that can fit in it.

Another thing about compatibility you should consider before buying a rack is if you can have access to the trunk while it’s mounted on your car. Most of the good-quality racks have this feature that allows you to tilt them down while they are mounted on your car and then have full access to your trunk. So make sure the rack you’re planning to buy has all these features for compatibility.


The platform for wheels on the rack helps provide stability to the wheels on your ebikes throughout the transportation. Some racks have wide platforms while some are narrow, and you can use any of them at your convenience as all of them have the same purpose: keeping the wheels stable. So always choose an ebike rack with platforms.

Ease Of Installation

We always choose the easy ways to get something done and what we should consider in the case of a bike rack. Some bike racks allow you to install them easily on your car without needing a tool, while some require effort and a few specific tools to get mounted.

The good-quality bike racks come with a no-tool installation system to mount them in your car without any tool. Some brands provide you with the tools needed for installation for your convenience. You should consider buying the rack that enures to be installed on your car with ease.

So this was about the factors to consider before buying a bike rack for your electric bike with fenders. Make sure you don’t ignore any of these factors, as all of them help you buy the best bike rack for your ebike.


The easier it is to ride on your electric bike, the more challenging it is to transport it from one place to another with safety and security. The ebikes with fenders are more challenging to transport because the fenders are light and are susceptible to damage.

Every problem has a solution in this world, and the best solution to this problem is a bike rack. A good quality bike rack for an ebike with fenders makes it easier to transport your ebike from one place to another without compromising safety and security.

So this was all about the best bike racks for electric bikes with fenders, and I hope you’ve found this post helpful. Good luck!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Following are some of the frequently asked questions related to bike racks for electric bikes with fenders that you may need to know-

Yes. There are several types of bike racks, and one of them comes with features for bikes with fenders. Fenders are susceptible to damage when transporting because they’re light in weight. Some bike racks, such as wheel-mounted bike racks, don’t have features for fenders, and using them can cause the fenders to get damaged

It depends upon the type of car you have. In the case of SUVs, it’s yes because SUVs have plenty of space inside, and you can fit an ebike in it without worrying about safety. But in the case of a car, it can’t be predicted that an ebike will fit in all of its models. Also, it depends upon the size of your ebike, but if you think your car has enough space for your ebike, you can try to fit it inside carefully with the help of a friend

Most of the e-bikes are water-resistant, and if you have one of them, you don’t need to worry about getting it in the rain. If you’re using a good-quality bike rack that is also weather-resistant, then there won’t be any problem in transporting your bike using it from one place to another. If you have an ordinary e-bike or a bike rack that isn’t water-resistant, you may not want to transport it in the rain as there will be chances of loss.

Electric bikes are heavier than standard bikes, and that’s why they are a bit challenging to be transported from one place to another with safety. Using an e-bike roof rack, you can carry your bike on the roof of your vehicle. It’s recommended to remove the battery when loading it on the roof because the battery contributes the most to making the bikes heavy. Also, before you do it, you should know your car roof’s recommended weight loading capacity.

It depends upon what kind of bike rack you’re using. If you’ve bought a cheap or poor-quality bike rack, then there’s no guarantee that it will be safe and firm because people usually speed on highways, and any bump on the road can cause a jerk, which can cause the rack to get damaged. Choosing a high-quality rack over a poor one is essential to keep your ebike safe and secure.

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